Friday, 30 July 2010

Tag challenge: Day 03: favourite TV show

It's so difficult to pick a favourite a TV show as so many spring to mind. For me the best way around this is to write about the TV show that is most prominent in my mind at the time of writing this bog. So before I change my mind I will pick Gamesmaster.

My interest in Video games began in the 80s with arcade greats such as Double Dragon and Final Fight, so I was over the moon when a show dedicated to my favourite past time hit Channel 4. I didn't think much to Gamemaster after watching the first episode but the mix of challenges and reviews grew on me. At first I didn't like the studio audience but after watching a few episodes it just felt right. And lets not forget the celebrity guests (Although most have been forgotten) from the likes of Vic Reeves (Memorable and still on TV) to Hacksaw Jim Duggan (Not so memorable and not quite probably not on TV).

The fourth season was my favourite as this saw the return of a more sarcastic Dominic Diamond which meant for some witty banter between him and the guests.

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