Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Tag challenge: Day 02: Favourite film

The task of choosing a favourite film is pretty much an impossible one given the amount of films that I have enjoyed over the years so I'm going to cheat just a little bit. What I am going to do is this; place each of my favourite films in a particular category, a category created by me. Right then, on to the first.

1) The film I have viewed more times than any other.

Terminator 2: Judgement day

This film is is easy to watch and it has a decent plot too. It expands on the first film with more action, bigger chase sequences and to top it off, two Terminators.

2) The film that had the biggest impact on my life

Star Wars: A New Hope

Star Wars changed the way I saw films and through it I enjoyed a whole universe of great toys. I first saw the film when I was 7 so the film certainly captured my imagination. I was amazed by the special effects and the characters found there way in to my toy collection via the action figure range. This film definitely brings back a lot of happy memories.

3)The film that got me thinking


I have been a fan of marvel comics since the 80s so a film that delves in to the genre certainly gets my vote, particularly one that is as well made as unbreakable. All the way through the film I wanted to believe that David Dunn had superhuman abilities. The film had an excellent build up and the twist at the end truly blew me away. For me it was one of those films that doesn't come along very often.

4) The Batman film that I had been waiting a long time for

The Dark Knight

I don't know were to start with this film, it has so much going for it. I'll start with the obvious. Heath Ledgers performance of the Joker was first class acting. His version of the Joker was dark, edgy and above all believable. He felt like a genuine threat to batman. But there was so much more to this film; action, drama, suspense and a clever story.

So there you have it. Some choice films from my life.

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